Monday, April 7, 2014

Harbinger House Concerts

Harbinger House Concerts have been a happening thing on Hornby for many years.  Now, I don’t know if they were called Harbinger when I went to my first concert at Lex’s house.  I do recall the intimate ‘Hornby house’ setting with a cool group of contemporary folk musicians called Fish and Bird, playing banjo, fiddle, guitar, and bass drums.

Their bio page on their website describes their music as:
“Their take on ‘folk’ includes original songs in odd time signatures and traditional murder ballads with rock beats.” Which sounds about right.

Sadly, I missed one of Harbinger’s recent concerts, featuring Shari Ulrich, the songbird with Pied Pumpkin who many of us followed in the 70’s.  AND I would have loved to visit the beautiful home where the concert took place.
However, on April 6, 2014, Harbinger brought a concert to our house!

Born and bred in Duncan, B. C. Linda is now living in Nashville with her husband, James.  Linda is a folk, blues, roots singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performing on banjo, guitar, accordion, and vocals. She and James are a great song writing team and she entertained about 30 of us in my very own living room. 
Thanks to Melissa Devost and Ted Tanner and whoever else might be the Harbingers  of House Concerts.

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